What shoes to wear for the summer?


How to match in the summer, what shoes should I wear in summer? I believe that many small partners are considering this issue now. After all, it is already at the end of March. Spring is halfway through. Summer is coming. It is time to think about how to match summer. Summer is the hottest season of the year. If you wear the least clothes for a season, sometimes a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, plus a pair of slippers can be a day, so simple and rude way, I think everyone has experienced it, but it is inevitable to participate in some more formal occasions, such as parties, weddings, etc., this time can not be matched so casually.

Summer blouse is basically a t-shirt, pants, then a pair of pants can be recommended, then how to choose shoes, because the summer weather is hot, so the shoes are recommended to low-key style, high-top shoes will look ankle It’s hotter, and the legs will look more stuffy and airtight. Of course, if you don’t mind, you can also choose sandals, remember sandals, not slippers. Of course, if you are not too hot, you can also choose a high-top style. After all, people who love fashion have to pay a little price.

In addition to the low-cut style, we also need to consider the weight of the shoes. Some shoes are designed to be thicker. For example, the thick soles that we usually wear during sports usually look rougher and heavier. Lightweight upper body clothes look a bit out of place, it seems a bit heavy and eager to catch feet, so it is recommended to prefer low-cut, and more lightweight shoes style, such as low-top shoes, small canvas shoes, or no shoes Loaf shoes and peas shoes are also available, but for the Chinese people, Loafers shoes and peas shoes are less worn, because the average person is not easy to drive the scene of the accident, so we choose the shoes we usually wear. , canvas shoes, sports shoes, the preferred low-cut style, choose a lightweight and compact style on the version

These types of shoes are worn on casual occasions. If you are wearing formal shoes or formal wear, you should watch the time and place when you are pairing. Otherwise, it is not good to make jokes.

Shoes matching demonstration
White plate shoes

OPP Designer Loafers


But in addition to shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes, you can also choose loafers, but the premise will wear

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