About Prada’s “crude”

About Prada’s “crude”

Judging the true and false of Prada, there is such a set of identification criteria: “If you buy a Prada bag for a week, the zipper is not broken, the logo is not lost, no line is not faded, the quality of the lever is good, you can basically confirm that you buy It’s a fake.”

The imitation process of LOUIS VUITTON has reached the realm of perfection. The domestic can basically do the same with the stitches. However, the rumors of Prada and Chanel are the most difficult. Chanel should understand that because the process is too complicated, the essence cannot be seen. Prada is because the high imitation factory masters the degree of imitation, and it is more delicate than the original one!

Now Prada, often the outlet and the counter are selling the same item at different prices at the same time, and can also be bought with a low to hefty discount. The same style has a lot of colors, so the image in the consumer is not as good as before.

In fact, the root cause is that the quality is too sorry for the price, and many of the old Italian bags you think are from Dongguan. Prada’s domestic foundries are roughly one of the Times Foundry and the Reedi Factory. The former is numbered 175 and the latter number is 165. In 12 years, Vietnam also opened a foundry, numbered mainly on the 8th, 18th and 38th. number.

In the past 12 years, Prada has invested in the Group, which has long been a foundry, and holds more than 40% of its shares. Can we understand this: Prada’s quality has changed from pure import to joint venture since then. Simply put, every Prada produced by the times is involved in the division, so the quality decline is also a matter of course.