Boys want to wear sandals? These tricks help you handsome enough for a whole summer!

In this issue, I will talk to you about the second bullet of summer items.

Men’s sandals

To be honest, men’s sandals are still quite controversial.

Some people are totally unacceptable, preferring to wear footed shoes all year round.

The reason is that sandals are too different from other shoes, not shoes that are born with handsome genes. Even if the sandals of the top brand design, there will still be people shouting “good ugly!”…

However, some areas are too hot, and wearing foot-shoes tends to be sweaty and tasteful. It’s hard to choose!

So in this issue, we don’t directly say how to pick, but let’s talk about whether to wear sandals. Is there any alternative?

Do men wear sandals?

▷ Why men’s sandals are not widely accepted

There is some discussion on this topic. I often see that the answering party is not convinced: Why is it normal for girls to wear sandals, and boys will be ugly when wearing sandals? Is this not a discrimination against boys? ?

White rice feels that this phenomenon is related to many factors.

Sandals will show off the toes and toes, and it is easy to think of the legs. The basic dressing thinking is to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and many boys’ feet have no advantage in aesthetics.

1 characteristics of male feet

In the general aesthetic, the good-looking feet are flat and slender, and the toes and insteps are not fleshy. You can see the shape of the cheekbones:

Boys want to wear sandals and fear the soil? These tricks help you handsome enough for a whole summer!
Men’s feet are more thick and fleshy, and such feet have an advantage in endurance and stability.

Coupled with more pigmentation and leg hair, men’s legs and feet are prone to bloated and dirty feeling.

2 different levels of foot care

Girls will care more about foot care, go to the dead skin, keep it smooth and delicate, trim the nails, and decorate with nail polish. These can add points when wearing sandals.

Most of the boys do not care about the feet, and the heels are rough and cracked, which makes it harder to connect with good looks.

3 Cultural traditions are not interested in male feet

Regardless of the East and West, the women’s legs and feet are with a look of appreciation, and they will feel that the slim feet are also a beautiful expression.

But there is a lack of interest in men’s feet, and more emphasis on generous shoulders and strong arms.

4 sandals design itself

Girls’ sandals are flat and with sandals. Even for girls, flat sandals are more difficult to wear fashionable.

Usually, most people think that girls wear nice sandals with them, which can increase the beauty of the foot lines and reduce the leisure of sandals.

But unfortunately, men do not have the option to wear sandals. It is really difficult to wear flat sandals for aesthetics.

▷ Is there any other option besides sandals?

If you don’t have to wear sandals, you can choose other shoes, although they are not exposed but also breathable.

For example, the sailing shoes that were written before the white rice were designed for sailing. Orthodox sailing shoes can drain and vent, and use the temperature of the feet to evaporate the water to keep the shoes dry and comfortable.

And the sailing shoes are designed to be worn barefoot, and this feature is also suitable for sultry summer wear.

You can also choose a light and thin Lok Fu shoes with mesh to add a cool feeling from the material.

The style is more casual and there are fisherman’s shoes, straw bottom and light cloth, which is more refreshing than leather shoes.

These shoes can also liberate their feet to some extent. But if you still feel that you are too hot to wear sandals, then look at how to choose sandals smartly!

How to choose sandals is fashionable?

Let’s take a look at 4 common pits and circumvent them directly to reduce interference. Let’s take a look at the 3 points you need to pay attention to when choosing sandals.

▷ Don’t touch these 4 kinds of sandals

1 home slippers

There are indeed bathhouse slippers that appear in fashion street shoots and hard photos, but even the fashion icon can’t control the beauty. Try to wear the following two sets of shoes to block the shoes. Does it feel better overall?

As an ordinary person, let us stay at home. Even Zuckerberg wears a proper “negative textbook.”

2 sandals shoes

Digging a few holes in the dress shoes, engraving the odd-shaped hollow, transforming into sandals, the imagination is so rich:

This kind of nondescript stuff is full of rusticity and poses a huge challenge to aesthetics:

3 hole shoes

Breathable drainage, sounds good for summer! But it is best not to wear hole shoes outside the beach…

Especially this kind of childish candy color, very spicy eyes:

4 thin strap sandals

The thin band elements are perfect for girls and can look slim. But boys wearing this element are very lacking in masculinity:

Including the entangled strap sandals, ladies wear and feminine sexy, men wear really a word:

How to choose the style of sandals?

1 look at the tape

As mentioned above, the thin sandals are very feminine, and the cool laces for men are medium-width, simple-distributed styles, similar to the following:

But don’t choose a style that is super wide or super thick, it is easy to be bloated, and it will visually make the legs thinner and weaker:

2 look at the pattern color

Sandals want to look good, and the simplicity and texture are the most important. It’s best not to buy fancy styles of this color and pattern:

This kind of webbing Velcro sandals is actually very suitable for wearing younger and more sporty boys, but the color is best to choose a single color, which looks simple:

If you are worried about black dull, brown and blue are good choices:

Of course, you can also consider the light color close to the skin color, which can reduce the presence of sandals:

3 look at the sole

Why do the following two pairs look rustic? Greatly on the thick sole of this tire!

Even if you choose a shoe with a thick sole, it is best to choose a more symmetrical style:

If you are tall, you can choose this flat shoes, which is simple and generous:

2 kinds of sandals that are not easy to make mistakes

Ribbon sandals

This style is more sporty, and the laces are usually made of waterproof webbing + Velcro/square buckle. For example, Yu Wenle’s feet are on this pair:

Jing Boran and Yi Qian Millennium also passed through similar styles:

I found that the stars like this way of wearing socks, but ordinary people are still more difficult to control.

The first to design this sandal is the American brand TEVA, which invented the world’s first pair of sports sandals in 1984. The design is simple, the sole is moderately thick, and it is very durable:

Later, this style was carried forward by other brands, such as the Japanese brand SUICOKE, which has a very mixed style:

In contrast, the former is more practical, and the shape will be simpler and more generous. The latter has a little more design, more personality, but relatively speaking, it is also a test of wearing skills:

In general, young, sporty boys can give priority to such shoes.

▷ leather sandals

The casual feel of leather sandals will be reduced, the style is very simple and therefore more versatile, suitable for men of different ages.

If your clothes style is rarely casual, then it is more suitable to match with leather sandals, such as Huang Jingyu and Yang Yang’s two sets of look:

One of the choices of leather sandals is to pay attention to the thickness of the belt. If it is too thin, it will look feminine:

In addition, the cortex must choose a simple glossy skin. Why are the same leather sandals, and some are very old-fashioned? The reason lies in the lychee leather:

Also don’t have any complicated decorations, such as various risks and logos, or rivets and dark lines:

This simple leather sandal wants to wear a texture, the texture is really important. So still need to invest some money, there are several good choices on East Dane.

If you feel that it is not worthwhile to spend money on a pair of sandals, you can also choose the other shoes mentioned in the first part. It is also very comfortable and breathable in summer.

To sum up, men buy sandals from these aspects, it is not easy to make mistakes:

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