casual shoes purchase tips

casual shoes purchase tips

Look. The thickness of each layer of the cutting surface varies, and the pores are many and deep, which is not suitable for bottoming, and is slightly inclined. The fibers of the synthetic leather are basically uniform, and the outer layer is in the form of a plastic film.
smell. Really good leather shoes will not smell pungent rubber or plastic. If the smell is very heavy, it may be the quality of the shoes after processing – most of them are processed with leather trim. There is no real leather shoes to wear. Really good leather shoes, you should smell the fragrance of the leather.
Dripping water. Drop a little water on the shoes, the obvious water absorption is natural leather, and vice versa may be artificial leather.
Pull a pull. Natural leather has good elasticity and tension, and vice versa is artificial leather.

OPP Designer Brand 

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Our commitment to quality is driven by our passion for essential footwear, our precise attention to detail, and our admiration of iconic style. Every OPP France designer shoes is a creation by our team of skilled craftsmen. More designer casual shoes, comfortable loafers, casual and durable sneakers, fashion high-top shoes, high-quality dress shoes and accessories.

White fashion designer casual shoes

Burnished leather expresses texture and excellent quality.
Upper Material: Leather
Lining Material: Genuine Leather
Outsole Material: Rubber
Toe Shape: Round Toe
Heel Height: Low(1-3 CM)
Process: Hand made
Closed pattern:Lace-Up
Color: white