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As an online seller of footwear (OPP designer shoes), according to data analysis of online shoes buyers. The footwear sellers are mainly from Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Dunhuang, eBay, etc. The platform for men’s and women’s shoes (designer shoes online shopping) is mainly distributed in the United States and Europe. Grasping the consumer psychology and habits is a homework that needs to be carefully studied for selling shoes. Here are some of the following points, I hope to inspire you.

mens sneakers blue
mens sneakers blue

Not bad money, as long as your shoes are good – the quality of shoes is higher

Take Amazon as an example. According to Amazon’s global manager, more than 75% of the high-quality footwear consumers gathered in Amazon America have an annual salary of more than $100,000. Online shoppers of footwear do not ask for cheap, not to buy “poor quality.”
Smart sellers know what to do. As a more mature market, the United States is concerned about the quality of shoes in the first place, and the price of concern is the last.
In the United States, the price difference between high, medium and low grade shoes is very large, such as a mid-to-high-end designer shoes at around $500, while low-end shoes at less than $10. The quality of the shoes is slightly flawed, and it can only be placed in the corner of the store to be a “little partner” who is silent and unattended.

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Shoe packaging

Customers are more concerned about the packaging of shoes. From the perspective of consumer psychology, the packaging of a famous brand of shoes is exquisite and elegant, and consumers will also give these design factors to the designer shoes. This is especially true for online shopping. After waiting for more than a week, it is a passing of trust between buyers and sellers, and it is a customer’s expectation.

Pay attention to holiday consumption and grasp the sales frenzy of footwear at the end of the year

About the festival is the peak season of footwear consumption, and the article before the marketing point has written “to grasp the essence of the festival, to help cross-border marketing.”

Fast transportation logistics

Take the United States as an example, this is a country that focuses on efficiency. Online shoppers generally want to receive their own goods as soon as possible after buying shoes. This is the reason why the US Amazon’s delivery on the same day is so hot in its home country. If there is demand, there will be means to satisfy it. It is best for footwear stores to leave sufficient options when choosing logistics. If you can’t use faster and more efficient delivery methods, please explain in advance to make buyers feel prepared.