High-top shoes with bright red tops

In the summer, the casual and refreshing mix is ​​very comfortable. As a timeless classic, a suitable high-top casual shoes can be a good summer temperament for you.

Mens Casual High-Top Shoes Black

High-top canvas shoes with vintage stand-up shirt

A retro-styled collar shirt, whose color is worn on a man’s body compared to other colors, is particularly distinctive. Later, the wearer chose to wear black slim trousers and dark blue casual high-top shoes, which instantly released the overall leisure style.

High-top shoes with bright red tops

The bright red round neck sleeve top, very eye-catching color, is decorated with simple English alphabet patterns and stripe elements, and is full of casual style. Then added the strap jeans with obvious washing effect, and then use the red and white striped high-top shoes to embellish the shoes.

Vest with high-top shoes

High-top shoes, pure white color, designed to be full of casual style, the wearer with black and blue vest tops and loose 7 black pants, let the male stars show their leisure temperament Handsome.

Leather high-top shoes with black top

The black top, with gradient jeans, from black to dark grey, shows the charm of individuality. Then, with the high-top shoes, the color is composed of red, dark blue and white, which shows the layering of the wear and the fashion charm of the leisure peak.

Casual high-top leather shoes are not only versatile, but also very fashionable and individual. For the trend of people, summer casual match, how can you get a high-top canvas shoes?

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