How to match men’s shoes with T-shirts

Handsome boys always let the girls look a little more, so wearing a T-shirt in the summer, how to match the shoes? A variety of fashionable dressing methods let you get it!
A variety of compassionate is the standard of summer fashion, then how can boys match T-shirts and shoes with a fashionable feeling?

First of all, T-shirt + hole pants + canvas shoes:

The basic T-shirt will make it easier to wear a simpler style. Because the matching of ordinary pants will be more fashionable and unstoppable, this is a pair of black canvas shoes. The youthful atmosphere is unfolding.

T-shirt + pants + casual shoes:

European and American style simple T-shirt, solid color versatile style can easily wear charm with pants, and then wear casual shoes, very refreshing feeling, so summer wear is very cool, not stuffy, and will not Lost in general.

white casual shoes mens

white casual shoes men’s

T-shirt + camouflage pants + sandals:

Sandals are not just for women, but men can wear them very cool and very handsome. They are paired with red T-shirts and camouflage-style pants. The summer is full of cool, and the whole looks like the whole person will Very energetic, full of charm, wear it with sandals, do you like it?

T-shirt + jeans + sneakers

The simple and refreshing fashion T-shirt is the most touching, the blue low-key and calm, the yellow line print summer is broken, it will bring a sense of fashion, with denim pants and sneakers, it is very energetic, Highlights a distinct man’s personality.

sneakers for men

sneakers for men

T-shirt + pants + sandals and slippers

In summer, many boys really like to wear sandals and slippers, and then paired with a simple solid color T-shirt and light-colored underwear, the overall look is also very fresh taste, very suitable for summer dress, this way out of the street Like it?

T-shirt + casual pants + casual shoes

The gray T-shirt will not pick people. The minimalist design will make the overall look more arbitrary. However, you only need to choose the simpler ones in the choice of casual pants and casual shoes, giving you a very clean feeling. It also reflects the charm of men.

The above is the match of T-shirts and all kinds of shoes. Everyone is going to learn these tips.

how to match casual shoes sneakers

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How to match men’s shoes with T-shirts