Opp International website Black Friday sales exceeded $500,000

On November 23, 2018, the French designer brand opp International website (www.brandshoesopp.com) broke the $500,000 transaction on the same day. Since the beginning of June 2018, the OPP brand has entered the US market with the international website as the entry point, and it has been eye-catching in the first black Friday, the American national shopping event. The OPP brand is not only popular among consumers in Asia, but also has many fans in the American market.

OPP brand CEO O’Papillon said that “2018 is absolutely commemorative for OPP – OPP has been designing and developing fashionable men’s shoes since its inception, cleverly combining simplicity with fashion concepts, quality of products Always strive for excellence, constantly pursuing design innovation and maintaining the comfort of the shoes.