Prada nylon bag

Originally established in 1913, Prada started out as a leather goods and was once the official supplier of the Italian royal family. But by the 1970s, Prada began to decline. In order to save this family business, the family’s smallest Miuccia Prada stood up. In 1984, she used the Pocono, which was discovered in the Italian army in the 1970s, to make a backpack with a water-proof and easy-to-clean nylon material. It became one of the standard elements of the brand and became the most A stylish piece of fire.

It is she who abandoned the concept of luxury, she is pursuing pure fashion. Classic and durable, not outdated, and the cost is much lower than the bag, Prada’s nylon bag meets all these needs.

Therefore, these seemingly “cheap” nylon bags are precisely the bags that people who are truly knowledgeable are pursuing. If you have money, you can prada all over the body. You can have a typical nylon bag without money.